Tired of living with a drip?

Drip…drip…drip…all night long.  It is annoying, costly, and wasteful!  There are several things that could be causing your faucet’s incessant drip:



  • Damaged Parts are the most common cause of a dripping faucet. There are a lot of tiny parts in faucets and some of the parts can wear out over time. The dripping could be caused by a worn out washer, O ring, inlet seal or outlet seal. If you are a handy person then there is a good chance that you can take the faucet apart, replace the worn out parts, and cure the problem for a minimal cost, but we suggest that you pay very careful attention to how the parts are assembled to ensure a successful repair.

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  • A Worn Out Cartridge is another common culprit. Most single handle faucets have a cartridge in them that is necessary for the faucet to work properly. If your single handle faucet is dripping then the cartridge might need to be replaced. Replacing the cartridge is relatively easy as long as you have a replacement cartridge that is the correct size. The best way to ensure that you install the correct cartridge for your faucet is to order a new one from the maker of the faucet.

Wrench & Cartridge

  • Water Pressure will sometimes cause your faucet to drip. If your faucet drips intermittently then high water pressure could be to blame. Reducing the force of your water pressure slightly should remedy the problem.

Sink Leak

  • Broken Plumbing is not a common reason for your faucet to drip, but it does happen from time to time. Pipes and fittings can crack and leak underneath the sink, which will affect water pressure and cause the faucet that is connected to drip occasionally. If you have tried the previously mentioned solutions to no avail and suspect that you have a broken pipe or fitting then we strongly advise that you call Able Plumbing, Inc. and let us check out your water plumbing system.

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