“Flushable” Wipes

To flush or not to flush?  That is the question…


Cottonelle, Charmin, and Scott are all bombarding the airwaves with what they claim are “flushable” wipes.  They sound so convenient and who doesn’t want to walk away from the potty extra-specially clean?  Unfortunately, if you want a clean “bum” and not have it affect your plumbing in a less than clean way, then you had better throw those not-so-flushable wipes in the trash instead of the toilet.  The claims that these companies make that their wipes are “sewer and septic safe” and “breaks up after flushing” is, to put it nicely, a bunch of bologna.

Consumer Reports has put these “flushable” claims to the test.  Using the same tests used to check how well toilet paper breaks down, testers discovered that the so called flushable wipes did not break down at all, even after going to extremes such as running them for ten minutes in a mixer.

Sewer officials in Vancouver, WA decided to test the claims as well after spending $1 million replacing several sewage pumps that were routinely clogged by the offensive little wipes.  They dyed some of the wipes bright colors and sent them through the sewer for a mile.  When the wipes were retrieved from the system they were still intact and only showed minor rips and tears.

Essentially, every time you flush one of the wipes you are taking a chance that you are going to clog your toilet or your sewer line.  Even using them sparingly can still be a problem.  It is very common when our technicians clean out a stopped up sewer for them to pull wipes out of the line.

So, the answer to the question, “to flush or not to flush?” is a resounding, “NO”!  Thumbs down

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