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1. Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed a lack of water pressure in your home?  From a less than impressive flow in the shower or a mere trickle from a sink faucet, to it taking too long for your dishwasher or washing machine to fill up, low water pressure is the number one sign that it is time for a repipe.   As galvanized pipes age they corrode and rust closes up the inside of the pipe restricting water flow, much like an unhealthy diet does to a person’s arteries.


2. Changes in Water Pressure

Is flushing a toilet while someone is taking a shower a big no-no in your house?  The lack of flow in old pipes will result in changes in water pressure.  A whole house repipe will fix the problem.

Leaky Pipe

3. Leaks

Have you had a pipe leak or multiple pipe leaks?  If you have had a leak in your old galvanized pipes, then there is a good chance that there are more leaks to come.  Unfortunately, the secondary damage caused by a pipe leak is a real nightmare.  Replacing all of the water pipes in your house will assure that you will not have to deal with the messy aftermath of pipe leaks.

4. Rusty or Discolored Water

Does your water have a rust color when you first turn the tap on?  If so, then the old pipes in your house are rusting on the inside and more problems are on the horizon.  Get your home repiped before the problems occur.


5. Noisy Pipes

Do your pipes make creaking or banging noises when your water is on? If your pipes are making so much noise that you think your house may be haunted then it is time to consider repiping the house and put the pipe ghosts to rest.


6. Water Smells Funny

Does your water have an unpleasant odor?  If your water stinks then it is time to get some new pipes for it to flow through so that is doesn’t smell like it came out of the south side of a skunk.  YUCK!

Corroded pipe

7. Corroded Pipes

Have you noticed corroded pipes?  If you are seeing corroded pipes, then the pipes that you cannot see are corroded, too.  Getting your home repiped before they start leaking will save you a huge headache later.

Houston House

8. House is 15+ Years Old

Is your house older than 15 years old?  Even though 15 is not that old, if you’re having any of the problems listed above and your home is older than 15, then it is probably time for a whole house repipe.

Broken Pipe Art

Able Plumbing, Inc. does multiple whole house repipes each week.  Our crews have the experience, knowledge, and appropriate tools to get the job done quickly and correctly so that you can get on with your life.  If you think that your house may need to be repiped call Able Plumbing, Inc. at 281-532-2253 for an estimate today.

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